HD Cameras

Compact, Light, And Easy To Carry

You don’t want to be lugging around a large and bulky camera when a small one can take the same quality pictures. Make sure your blogging camera is light, especially if your niche is travel-related.

Having a compact camera also encourages you to actually use it. The options I will list below are some of the most compact models. Whether they’re a mobile phone or DSLR, most modern cameras have evolved and not as bulky as their traditional counterparts.

Audio Quality 

Audio may not be a priority if your focus is merely taking pictures. But if you’re investing in a good camera for blogging, you might as well go all-in and get one that can record good audio too!

A lot of bloggers are also vloggers nowadays, and this is when audio quality becomes important. It helps if the camera has an excellent built-in microphone, though you should consider buying an external microphone for vlogging too.

Autofocus Ability And Performance

The next thing to consider when choosing the best camera for blogging is its autofocus. A good camera can intelligently adjust the lens to focus on the subject.

It seems simple, but there’s nothing more frustrating than missing a good shot because the focus is all wrong.

With great autofocus performance, you can be assured that most of your photos and videos will be crisp, focused, and ready to use.