Hiking or rock climbing at night comes with a number of challenges, but that doesn’t mean  you should only do these activities when the sun is high in the sky. Indeed, climbing in poor visibility conditions is considerably more dangerous than doing it during the day, but the same can be said for abseiling at night or hiking at night.
The solution is quite simple: headlamps, but not all. Headlamps designed specifically for hiking and climbing give you  extra  visibility when you need it most. We wouldn’t rate a person  on the quality of their gear at all, with one exception: the headlamp. After all, the time you spend in nature depends on your ability to see your surroundings.
And if you like adventurous activities like hiking, climbing or trail running, good visibility is absolutely essential. Keeping your hands free as you light the way on your adventure is a must. And while the flashlight duct strapped to your head might be a wallet-friendly solution, there are far more stylish and functional products out there.